Classes are lively and interactive, but also focussed and structured to ensure students see results.

Our teaching will incorporate all of the essential components to learning a language, including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and oral and written communication. All of our classes are taught in the target language so that you can immerse yourself into the language learning experience!

During the course programme, there will be progress tests to ensure you are achieving your goals and at the end of the course you will receive a certificate.

our courses

You can join a language course at any time of the year as new classes start at the beginning of each month.

In order to ensure that you are placed in a group that is appropriate for your ability, you will take a level test. The test is free of charge and without any obligation to enrol on a course.

language levels

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to place students in groups according to ability. CEFR provides a method of teaching, assessing and learning which is universal to all languages in Europe and the 6 levels are commonly accepted as the European standard for grading an individual´s language proficiency.

At Babilum we offer courses in a wide range of languages which are all divided into levels of ability.

Timetable and prices

Standard course TIME 1 month 3 MONTHS 6 MONTHS
2 days a week:
Monday – Wednesday
Tuesday- Thursday
09:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 12:30
12:30 – 14:00
19:00 – 20:30
20:30 – 22:00
78 € 198 €
324 €
1 day a week: Friday 11:00 – 14:00
17:30 – 20:30
1,5 h/day from Monday to Friday 09:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 12:30
12:30 – 14:00
180 € 320 €
450 €
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